Ore Cars

These are Accucraft plastic Iron Mountain ore cars.  I painted and weathered the cars with acrylic paint, stained the paint with a 5 to 1 mixture of black shoe polish and alcohol.  Then the cars were dusted with Doc O' Brien's weathering powders.  When using them, don't cheat, paint and weather out, dry brush, stain with alcohol solution, what ever you like, then the powders when applied have something to stick and blend to.  I put a wheel and rachet on one side to simulate what was used to open and close the bottom doors.  The actual cars had a rachet and a long pole to do the job.  (See SVE munger mining Iron Mtn ore car).  Coal is from Alaska, and the cars have brake shoes and brake rigging added underneath.  I also made it easy to find the drawhead links by hanging them on the car ends.

Ore Car 1
Ore Car 1
​​​​​​​Ore Car 2
Ore Car 2
​​​​​​​Ore Car 3
Ore Car 3
​​​​​​​Ore Car 4
Ore Car 4
​​​​​​​Ore Car 5
Ore Car 5